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Before Your Purchase:

Atomix was designed over the course of 6 years to combat a totally Pay to Win server environment.
Countless hours have been spent refining the gameplay to ensure that our donor packages don't offer an overwhelming advantage over our players that play for free.

It's worth noting that our players that play for free have surpassed those who pay simply by playing the game with good strategy and consistency.

With that said, Atomix looks forward to transitioning into an entirely Non-Pay-to-Win model once there is a large enough player base that can support the server development and maintenance costs with PvE Perks and cosmetic-based purchases alone.

The bottom line is that creating a great server requires a lot of time and resources no matter which way you look at it. Unfortunately, our resources at the moment are limited, and we need to make sure we offer enough packages of value to compensate our team for their time and continued efforts of maintenance and development. 

We have tons of immersive updates planned for the future that simply require more time and more resources - we just need you to help us get there.

One Final Note:
Most of the perks offered in donor packages on the store can be obtained in-game without the need for purchase with real currency.



You can use PayPal to pay with your balance or with a card to make a purchase.

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gives you the option to checkout with a credit card.

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Due to the nature of these products, all transactions are final.

(See Terms & Conditions)

Any false PayPal disputes you create will result in a permanent ban from the Atomix Servers.

We are not liable for any items lost in game. 



The Atomix Servers are NOT affiliated with Minecraft, Mojang AB and/or Notch Development AB, or Microsoft.

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